Financial statement analysis research paper questions for primary company Target (TGT) and paired company Walmart(WMT) from 10k from on sec edgar.

All Students,
Suggested Companies for the project:
Company Names Symbols
Group B: Target and Walmart TGT and WMT

I have had several request concerning the content and scope of your research paper which is worth 300 total points. So, I will summarize what is expected. At a minimum, I expect at least a 20 page research paper excluding attachments and exhibits) to provide the relevant information and analysis. . The paper should be double-spaced with a normal font size for the print (either a 10 to 12 font).

Your research paper should be typed (double spaced) in a Word document where you will have your primary discussion. However, you may have Excel attachments which you may use for capturing the necessary financial data and then performing the necessary ratios or calculations you deem appropriate (which would be excluded as part of the minimum 20 pages).
Such as you may show earnings per share (EPS) information by showing “identifying” the formula for obtaining this information and then showing your calculation on the Excel worksheet (attachments). Hint: it should agree with the information on the 10K. You may wish to refer to your textbook for all of the formulas that you “may” need to perform.
Note: Always use the latest 10K which is available (which should be for the calendar year 2018)?

First: You are provided a Two companies TARGET AND WALMART .(you will be working with two companies for comparative analysis).
Second: As the instructions provided, you will use only one of the companies with a group as your primary entity to perform all of the analysis as required in items 1 thru 4 listed on the research assignment:
Your Primary Entity: TARGET

  1. Primary Line of Business – as noted in the research assignment.
  2. Public Accounting Firm Opinion – discuss as provided in the research assignment.
  3. A selected list of financial information from the financial statements.
  4. Answer the questions as identified on the research assignment.
    Third: You will perform a comparative analysis between the two companies you have selected as a group. Therefore, if you picked Group “B” your company for comparative analysis is “WALMART”. As the research assignment has indicated you will use common-size financial statements & profitability ratios to evaluate your primary entity with its competitor. (Group-B is used to compare TARGET to WALMART and identify what you feel is relevant analyze.
    I hope that this helps to clarify what is expected in regard to the research paper.
  6. PLEASE REFER TO THE FOLOWING BOOK: Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation | 9th Edition James M. Wahlen/Stephen P. Baginski/Mark Bradshaw